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We are a Calgary based IT services and support company. We provide day to day support and project expertise to help businesses control costs, reduce risk and manage their IT infrastructures.

We have the tools and the talent to keep your business safe


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Unmatched Technical Expertise

CALITSO was created to address of a number of gaps in the IT industry.  Whether it was overcharges, confusing invoicing, overbuilt and complex setups, everyone we spoke with had similar concerns.  We also heard about businesses being frustrated with the approach of some IT providers.  Not properly explaining technology and how it relates to the business and employees, and jumping to conclusions and solutions far too early in the process… in short, simply not listening.

As IT and business professionals we knew there had to be a better way.

Our Service Desk team maintains full ITIL v3 certification and industry leading expertise. We’ve won awards for service excellence and technical leadership.  In addition to outstanding technical expertise we have best in class business professionals, this helps translate our technical expertise into positive tangible outcomes for our customers.  We take time to listen and understand your business before offering solutions and recommendations.

Core Values


Our approach to client experience has always been to be straightforward and honest. Let’s face it,  IT can be hard to understand for many business owners.  You need someone you can trust, someone who is not a part time contractor or an hourly break fix tech.  We are your business partner, you hire us to provide you with recommendations & solutions and to explain how all your IT pieces support your business.

We don’t try to peddle hardware or set up overly complex systems.  We believe in 100% transparency and provide all our customers with network maps and full documentation/passwords.  After all, you own your IT and mission critical data, we are there to help you manage.  Our core values of integrity and expertise are woven into everything we do; from our no-commission, pressure-free engagements, to our ongoing commitment to education, training, and professional development for our team. We promise that you’ll never spend more than necessary and you’ll never buy what you don’t need.

People & Culture


Our staff love technology and their passion comes through in the level of service they deliver.   In between our efforts, triumphs, late nights, and dedication to our clients, comes a fast-paced, team-oriented and friendly culture that helps drive the success of our organization.  Staying fast, efficient, and flawless is our competitive edge.  We provide all our customers with their own dedicated technician who quickly becomes your “in house” IT employee.  You benefit from a dedicated tech, industry leading 24/7 remote support, certified project managers and our friendly help desk staff.  A full range of professionals all working to support your business for much less than the cost of a full time employee. 

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