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YES! – This is what we told our customer when they asked us to come up with a better solution.

Posted 11 months ago

The challenge? This customer, in a mostly industrial area had several buildings that they needed to link together on a high speed network. Prior to this, they had tiny a bunch of ADSL connections with VPN tunnels. Talk about complex! Talk about slow! Talk about a waste of money! Challenge accepted! We built a high speed,… Read More…

Ransom-ware! – A Major Threat To All Organizations

Posted 11 months ago

Ransom-ware! This has been a big problem for a number of organizations. Small businesses and even large institutions are being hit and paying ransom. We’re proud to announce, not one single one of our customers have suffered a loss due to this kind of onslaught. For a low, an inclusive, fixed monthly fee we include… Read More…

It’s about customer service and satisfaction isn’t it folks ?

Posted 11 months ago

It’s about customer service and satisfaction isn’t it folks ? It’s easy to spit out tech solutions, but does your provider do enough to make sure your expectations are met? Does your success even matter to them? Here at CALITSO, your success is our success… your business and opinion matter to us. Give us a… Read More…

Are your IT services fixed fee, or ALL INCLUSIVE fix fee?

Posted 11 months ago

There is a big difference between fixed fee and all inclusive fixed fee. We’ve run into this scenario before, where a base level of service is provided but there are “add-ons” associated with it.  We’ll let you all in on a secret, this is a common managed IT services business model and many of our… Read More…

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