Business Continuity

Managed IT Services IT Managed Services Pricing AvailableLife insurance, home insurance, and business insurance. Many owners wouldn’t think twice about ensuring they have the proper insurance to protect their businesses, family and themselves should an unforeseen event happen. Disaster recovery is insurance for your IT assets and mission critical data.How comfortable are you that in the event of an emergency? Your IT structure will be protected and there will be minimal disruption to your business.How quickly could your company recover from data loss, hardware failure, or a major disaster? If your system went down what impact would that have on your customers and suppliers?

As a business owner, you have dedicated years to building your business. Your reputation and service delivery to your customers is critical in this competitive world. Maintaining an online presence and access to updated data is paramount if companies are to succeed in our expanding global economy. So your IT infrastructure and mission critical data and applications must be secure and a plan in place in case of unforeseen events.

We offer different levels of disaster recovery support to best suit your needs. From offsite electronic backup to a seamless full server switchover, CALITSO can provide the level of protection that you need.

  • Online back up and recovery
  • Electronic and Email Archive service
  • Remote server monitoring
  • Full server mirroring with failover for seamless transition

Make sure you have a disaster recovery plan and that your business can continue in the event of the unexpected. CALITSO’s disaster recovery solutions take care of your back up and emergency needs so it’s one less thing you have to worry about. Meet with one of our IT consultants today.

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