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Managed IT Services IT Managed Services Pricing AvailableCostly hardware maintenance keeps you too busy on the ground. Elevate your business with CALITSO’S “Go With IT” service, and join the revolution. CALITSO’S ”Go With IT “ service provides a variety of cloud-hosted applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft SharePoint Server.

Cloud computing is a great fit for many small and medium businesses. It allows businesses to take advantage of economies of scale and move away from large capital costs to smaller operating costs. Having predictable monthly expenses instead of costly unexpected surprises makes cloud computing an attractive value proposition for many business owners. In addition to the planned expenses, there is often a reduction in energy costs as less hardware is required to access the equivalent applications through cloud services and virtualization.

By leveraging cloud computing, businesses are able to deliver new services, enter into new markets, get closer to customers, and make increasingly mobile employees more productive.

Cloud computing is a great way to access new technologies and advanced solutions without the need to build costly infrastructure. With cloud computing you are always up to date and have access to the applications your business needs.

Let our IT consultants discuss your options of setting up a private cloud, accessing CALITSO’s private cloud , utilizing a public cloud or a hybrid solution.

Talk to one of our IT consultants today to find out how cloud services can take your business to new heights.

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