Computing Infrastructure

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Computing infrastructure refers to the following components:

  • Hardware: Servers, computers, data centers, switches, hubs and routers, etc.
  • Software: Enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), productivity applications and more.
  • Network: Network enablement, Internet connectivity, firewall and security.

Is your IT infrastructure too complex, too costly to operate or simply too slow to meet the new era of business speed?  You need an infrastructure that can enable agile and rapid application and service delivery while driving down costs.  Don’t underestimate the value of your infrastructure – minimize downtime and maximize capacity.

How your computer infrastructure is set up can be more important than the type of hardware you use.  Incorrect configuration can be a cause of slow speeds and connection issues despite the type of hardware you may have.

Are you being told that if you only spend more money on hardware or if you upgraded parts of your system it would run better.  This could be the case but if your computing infrastructure is set up correctly and a proper plan in place to recycle older hardware, there should be no surprises or impact on your business. Time and time again we have seen unnecessary spending due to poor set up.

We specialize in virtualization, cloud computing and network design, implementation and maintenance.  Let us be you partner to navigate the ever changing landscape of IT.

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